Operation Helmetliner - Patterns

Important Information to remember before knitting……

IT MUST BE 100% wool or it will not be sent. Acrylic and acrylic blends pose a fire/melting hazard and do not have the same insulating properties as wool. Please include the yarn label to your finished item before sending on to us.

Select yarn that is dark. Black, dark brown, dark gray... BLACK IS PREFERRED. Tan is acceptable as long as it is dark.

Please remember we are going for function not style. I love knitting and know it is more fun to make a project unique but, what the troops need is warmth and protection from the elements. To help explain, this means no sayings or words, no designs, no fringe or tassels etc.

The troops have given us feedback and they much prefer the knit liners. They fit more snuggly and have more “give” to them. With the crochet liners, there has been some feedback regarding obstruction of vision, they are not able to wear the crochet liners.

Pattern changes will be posted. We will put a date on the new pattern and replace the out of date pattern. Please check back periodically.

In all that we do, we seek to HONOR, support and encourage our men and women in the Armed Forces. We want what we send to be useful and usable. Remember, the bottom line is support for our Military.


Photo of a knitted helmetliner

Photo of a knitted helmetliner with helmet

HTML version of knitted pattern

HTML Version of knitting machine - a bulky

HTML Version of knitting machine - a standard gauge


HTML Version of pattern using serger

HTML Version of pattern using sewing machine


HTML Version of scarf pattern


HTML Version of pattern