These instructions are adapted for machine knitting from a hand-knitting pattern.  Completed items may be sent to

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The hat decreases at the top are not fast but are attractive and give practice with your garter bar. 


Machine:  9mm. Bulky machine

Materials:  Original pattern called for Cascade 220.  I used unknown stash wool that knit

                   Ribbing at ten 4 and stockinette at ten 5 on my machine.

Acceptable colors:  black (preferred), charcoal, brown, tan, and olive drab.

Gauge: 4.5 st/in  stockinette knitting.


Cast on 84 stitches in 2 x 2 ribbing.  Knit 5 inches.

Transfer stitches to mainbed and remove the left 52 stitches on waste yarn.

Knit one row to the left on the remaining 32 stitches.

E-wrap 59 more needles on the left side for a total of 91 stitches.

Change to ten 5.

Knit 4 inches in stockineete (about 30 rows with my yarn)


Decrease sequence makes a very pretty top:


Move every 12th stitch to the next needle and then move stitches toward the center of the bed with garter bar or stitch holder.  K 2 rows.


Move every 11th stitch to the next needle and move stitches toward the center of the bed. K2 rows


Move every 10th stitch to the next needle and move stitches toward the center of the bed. K2 rows.


Continue in this pattern until Move every 3rd stitch to the next needle.”  Then decrease every row until there are 7 stitches left.  Thread a yarn tail through those 7 stitches.


Ribbing around the face:


Pick up 52 stitches from waste yarn and 58 stitches from bottom of hat top for total of 110 stitches arranged in 2 x 2 ribbing. Ten 4 for my yarn.  Knit 1 inch and cast off. ( I knit this by hand on a circular needle)


Finishing:  Mattress stitch the hat together.