Adopt A Soldier

Many of our troops never receive a single piece of mail while serving overseas to protect our liberty. Receiving something from home, even from a stranger, can make all the difference in their morale. We want everyone of our troops to know we value their mission and sacrifice. If you would like to send a soldier letters or care packages, refer to our list of what to send. Email for more details.
We recommend you send a flat rate box over to your loved one in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. . . There are a couple of different sizes and prices. The smaller flat rate boxes are $8.95 and the larger one is $10.95 after a two dollar APO/FPO discount. Remember, these can be packed and stuffed and there is only the one price.

You can order free supplies at 800-610-8734 and request a "Care Kit 4". This comes with 10 flat rate boxes, 5 flat rate envelopes, 15 custom forms and priority tape for the boxes.

Your box has to be addressed to a specific military person or a particular company or it will not get there. The box, on average, will take 7-14 days.
You will need custom form #2976-A (customs declaration and dispatch note) when you are sending anything that is not a letter to an APO/FPO address.
These are available at your local Post Office at no cost.

Fill out the From and To sections
(An APO/FPO address does not exactly look like a typical U S address so write it in the box exactly as your military personnel gave you.)

(1) Detailed description. You may not have room to list everything, especially if you are using a flat rate box, so lump them together such as toiletries, magazines, food, DVD‘s, etc. You can fill in the quantity as you see appropriate. Do not mark weight.
(2) Quantity
(5) Value (estimate low--prevents curiosity and possible theft)
(6) Restate value
(10) Check one--either Priority or Surface (Parcel Post)
(11) Gift
(16) Sign and date
(17) Check last box, Mark how you want your box taken care of it can't be delivered. We suggest Redirect to Address Below and add Same Address Unit Chaplain

Most requested items:
(Please know this is not a complete list. Check with your loved one on what they need and miss most.)

Click here for a print friendly version of this list.

1. Letters
2. Batteries - AA, AAA and C
3. Socks - black or green
4. Drink mixes - Gatorade and Crystal Light
5. Magazines
6. Baby wipes
7. Hand sanitizer - travel size
8. Lotion - travel size
9. Disposable razors
10. Toilet paper
11. Kleenex - travel sizes
12. Cough drops
13. Eye drops
14. Pain relievers
15. Chap stick
16. Boot liner/insoles
17. Foot powder - for athlete's foot
18. Single use cameras
19. CD’s
20. Paper
21. Pens
22. Envelopes
23. Beef Jerky
24. Sunglasses
25. Eye glass wipes
26. Deck of cards
27. Ramen noodles
28. Gum
29. Lifesavers
30. Mints
31. Coffee
32. Hot Chocolate
33. Tea
34. Nuts
35. Sunflower Seeds
36. Power Bars
37. Pop tarts
38. Movies

Baked goods - These must be sealed in a heavy duty system. Cookies and brownies are best as some things get moldy before they arrive. You can go to a website that Nestle USA has put together for our military and get tips for making and sending "desert safe desserts" @

What not to send:

1. Pornography
2. Pork products
3. No chocolate or products that will melt between the months of April - October
4. Alcohol or products that contain alcohol. Some P.O. will not let you send hand sanitizers for this reason.