DEC 06, 2009

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Mission Operation Santa
December 1, 2009

Dear dedicated volunteer,

What an effort!  A record 42,400Christmas stockings and Hanukkah bags are on their way to our Armed Forces!  There is no way to say thank you enough for all each of you have done to make this happen. 

Operation Santa concluded 22% over goal, two days early and on budget! The last shipment was sent out on 11-21 due to the "ground" volunteers at the stuffing and packing sites. We wish each of you could have felt the caring, the camaraderie and the chaos at the warehouses during the big push.  The air was palpable with thoughts of the sacrifices our troops are making for our freedom.  At times it was exuberant and at times quiet and thoughtful, wishing that each stocking, bag and note makes a small difference to its recipient.    

Our wish for you is that you share both exuberant and quiet moments with those you love and care about this holiday season.  Take time to count the blessings in your life.  We tend to forget how much is good and focus on the difficult things.  If you really, really look, most of our lives are full of wonderful people and wonderful times. 

Please visit on how to get started for Operation Santa 2010. Pictures and thank you notes from the troops are being posted on the website as they come in. Here is one: "The Power Plants Division of Marine Air Logistics Squadron 26 at Al Asad Air Base, United States Marine Corps, sends a hardy "Thank You" for making it a little more cheerful this time of year!"

Peace to you and yours,

The Board of Citizen Support for America's Military 

If you would create something,
you must be something.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

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