OCT 30, 2009

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Operation Santa Update:

Congratulations team!
Over 35,000 stockings have been received and they are still coming in thanks to our volunteers in all 50 states! If you're still working on stockings, they will be used for next year. We appreciate your time and efforts on behalf of our beloved troops.

Thank you to those who have sent in a donation for shipping. There's still time to contribute. Your gift of $10 or $20 will greatly assist us in our shipping needs to complete Operation Santa.

Contributions can be mailed to Operation Santa, 7131 N. Knoxville Ave. Suite C, Peoria, Illinois 61614. I have received several gifts from groups who voted to forego a gift exchange and opted to give to our troops instead. Bravo!

If you have leftover Halloween candy, we'd be happy to take it off your hands to fill the stockings. Please drop off at our locations listed on www.operationsanta.info or ship to us at address listed above. Chocolate is acceptable now that it's cooler weather.

We're often asked 'Is it too late to donate?' Never! We support our troops and veterans through a variety of programs year round and can always find good use for items.

We have three stocking stuffing locations in Illinois this year: Decatur, Bloomington, and Peoria. Our volunteer base and mission continues to expand as we support our troops during the holidays.

Operation Santa provides opportunity for all ages to give back to our country. 7 year old Brett single-handedly collected 3000 items for Operation Santa. Seniors aged 90+ from Buehler Home sewed over 700 stockings.  Our selfless volunteers continue to inspire me!

Here's a tip. Recycle this season's Christmas cards by tearing off the front portion. This can be used to send a note in stockings for Operation Santa 2010.

Please do not call Midwest Food Banks. Contact phone numbers are listed on our website. We are very grateful for the use of their facilities in Peoria and Bloomington and to Sliderz in Decatur. However, these businesses are not equipped to handle our call volume. When arriving to Peoria location for donations or volunteer, please use back entrance.

I close with a reminder of why we do what we do with a thank you note from one of last year's recipients of Operation Santa. "It was such an overwhelming feeling of warmth and joy to see all these boxes arrive filled with beautiful hand sewn stockings full of snacks and goodies for he soldiers. They absolutely loved it! It is because of volunteers like you who give so much to the troops and make us feel supported unconditionally that we are able to continue our mission with pride. The generosity and support from people like you makes being away from our family and loved ones bearable." LTC MacGregor

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you must be something.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

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