July 10, 2009

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Christmas in July, August, September and to infinity and beyond!

To all Volunteers;

We need your help! Citizen SAM has an Operation Santa article prepared to send to your small, regional newspapers. We need the name of any community newspaper in your area.  We are not targeting major, daily newspapers this time.  So think outside the box.  Many small communities publish a newspaper that may only come out weekly - and that type of media is what we are after.

If you could send the name of the paper(s), where it is published (example - The Community Word, West Peoria, IL) and if possible an email address, you will get a star behind your name today!  If you can't find an email, don't worry, we will.  

Citizen SAM is gearing up for the fifth annual Operation Santa and with our expanded volunteer base, we would like to reach every community possible.  Please send your information to [email protected].  Thank you for your help in this effort.

A Note From our Treasurer

We appreciate every donation we receive however, we regularly receive checks made payable to inaccurate names. In order to keep our records consistent please make all checks payable to Citizen SAM or Operation Santa. Thank you.

God bless America, my home sweet home.

Patti Smith

Executive Director

Citizen SAM 


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