June 15, 2009

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Volunteer Updates:

Welcome aboard ARKANSAS! We now have membership represented in all 50 states. Forward this newsletter to your friends and give them the opportunity to sign up for our free membership. 
Operation Helmetliner:
We are regularly asked "Are you still making helmetliners?" All of our craft programs are year round so the answer is an emphatic Yes! We are gearing up now for the cold winter months to keep our Armed Forces warm in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan. Knitters, crocheters, and those who sew--we need you. Check our website to view our programs and see where you fit best. We also have programs for children to participate as well. They can write cards/letters of support to go in the stockings or make tied blankets for our wounded. We at Citizen SAM consider it vital to teach and involve our children at a young age in giving back to their country. We have received 2,232 helmetliners, 808 scarves and gators, and 1,105 neck coolers year to date.  WAY TO GO VOLUNTEERS!
Operation Santa:
Keep sewing! Stockings for Operation Santa are starting to come in. The pattern is available for download on our website. We need 35,000 by November 1, 2009.  We have shipped over 70,000 stockings as of the end of 2008.
Operation Santa Charity Race:
Thank you to our volunteers who participated in the recent Operation Santa Charity Race. It was very successful and I was complimented on how well you all worked! 
Quilts for the Wounded:
As of this date was have received and shipped out 78 beautiful handmade quilts.  
Just a Reminder:
Our finances are down significantly from this time last year. Your donations are needed for shipping. Please make your check payable to Citizen SAM. All gifts are tax deductible. Reminder; we have no paid staff so your contribution goes directly to where it was intended. 

Finally, thank you. Thank you so very much for partnering with Citizen SAM on behalf of our Armed Forces, their families, and our Gold Star families. We deeply appreciate our volunteers and can't say it enough! It is an honor and privilege to serve with you. What each of you do is so very important. Giving back to our country is what keeps America great!

A Thank-You Note to our Quilters
from the Battlefield

Citizen SAM,
Wow, I received the quilts today. They're real nice. I can tell a lot of time and heart went into the making of them. Since I work in the ER, out patients usually do not need a quilt, so I took them over to the ICU and ward where they will be used. Our plan is to give one to every wounded American soldier that comes through and is on their way out to Germany. Thank you to you and your group. We are blessed to have people like you all supporting our troops over here.
Take Care and God Bless.
MSgt Palacios Rodolfo Palacios, USAF Task Force Med NCOIC, Emergency Department, Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan DSN

A Mother's Courage
Check out the June issue of Reader's Digest or read it online here. You'll find a very inspiring story about one of our military moms with two Marine sons, one of whom was seriously injured in Iraq. 
 "It is better to give than to receive."m:

Patti Smith

Executive Director

Citizen SAM 


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