May 02, 2009

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European Delegates Meet with Citizen SAM .


Executive Director Patti Smith recently met with six European delegates to share the mission of Citizen SAM. These visitors were invited to the United States under the auspices of the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program. The meeting took place at the Visitor's Convention Bureau in Springfield, Illinois.
The goals of the project are:
· To expose participants to U.S. security and defense policy-making and perspectives.
· To examine specific security issues, such as energy security, regional conflicts. Weapons proliferation, homeland security issues, and the response to international terrorism.
· To discuss European security architecture, including evolving roles of NATO, the European Union, the United Nations and other international organizations in dealing with global crises.
· To explore implications for partnership in U.S. and European security policy worldwide.
Countries and participants were:
Estonia        Ms. Anneli POOLAKESE
                   Desk Officer
                   Counter Terrorism, Cyber Security, EU-NATO Relations Ministry of Foreign

Lithuania      Mr. Bartas TRAKYMAS
                    Coordinator, Afghanistan Affairs
                    Ministry of National Defense
Montenegro   Mr. Mladen DRAGASEVIC
                    Head, Building Human Capital and
                    Cross-Cutting Issues Unit,
                    Regional Cooperation Council
Portugal        Mr. Jose Carlos DE ALMEIDA SOBREIRA
                    Chief of Foreign Liaison Office
                    Office of the G2, Army Staff
Slovenia        Mr. Klemen GROSELJ
                    Research Assistant
                    Faculty of Social Sciences

United Kingdom     Ms. Emily Grace McKEOWN
                         Head, International Terrorism Team
                         Government Communications
                         Headquarters (GCHQ)
 Accompanied by  Mr. Wojciech Streme
                         English Language Officer 
                        (Springfield, Illinois segment only)
Each delegate was given a comprehensive report to take back to their country and presented with an Operation Santa t-shirt. It was an honor to represent each of you and tell of your undying patriotism and support of our Armed Forces locally and globally!


Patti Smith

Executive Director

Citizen SAM 


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