Cards and Letters of Support

Nothing is more endearing to our troops than to receive a card or letter of support written from a sincere heart. The fact that a stranger took the time to write such a note is even more meaningful to our troops. This is a great exercise in patriotism for our school children and we are in need of them year round.

Here are some general guidelines for penning a note to our troops.

Dear Hero:
“Thank you for your service to our country.”
“We are praying for your safe return.”
“Thank you for defending my freedom.”
“We love and appreciate you.”

These notes of gratitude will go to Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines both male and female so the salutation Dear Hero encompasses everyone.

Cards or letters can be mailed to:

Citizen SAM
7131 N. Knoxville Ave.
Peoria, Illinois 61614

They will be included in our various shipments.