Supplies Needed:
*    A pair of good scissors
*    Ruler or tape measure
*    Two coordinating pieces of any fleece 2 yards each
*    Remember:
       *   Fabric is usually 56 wide of greater.
       *   You need two separate pieces of fabric for the blanket; one will
             be the front, one will be the back. You can choose two
             coordinating fabrics or the same fabric. The choice is yours!
       *   Double-check the widths of the two fleeces to make sure they
            are the same.

Lay your fleece wrong sides together, with edges matching up.
Cut off rough salvage edge on both sides, through both pieces of fleece. Also, cut the other sides (through both pieces of fleece) to make sure those sides are even. (See Figure #1.)

Cut a 4x4 inch square (or 5X5 inch square for a longer fringe) out of each corner (through both layers of fleece) and discard 7 of the 8.  See tip #1 below. If you want your fringe longer make your square bigger. Cut out your square from each corner before proceeding. (See Figure #2.)Cut ties 4 inches (or 5 inches) into fleece at 1 inch intervals around all four sides.  (See Figure #3.) See tip #2 below.

Tie overhand knot close to blanket edge by using one strip from the front and one strip from the back to create finished fringe edge - then tie again. Repeat around all four sides. Make sure you make two tight, overhand knots for your fringe.

1. After cutting the 1st corner use 1 of the squares as your corner template for the other 3 corners. 
2. Cut a 1 inch piece from corner fabric (finished size 1 inch X 4 inches (or 5 inches)).